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Great article on South Florida's most prolific music video director

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Jesse's Tracks's Guest Blog

Lily Erlinger is a Harvard student who recently came down to Miami to make her thesis in a co-production with MWCC. Below is a guest blog entry about her experience. (better pics to come)

"Eleven days of production. That’s what one and a half years of organisation, writing, thinking, come down to.

Eleven days to make what’s existed in your head into a semblance of reality, to capture in pixels, in order to remold in post. The process of filmmaking rides up and down the escalator between abstraction and order. It was chaos in the most sensible way possible. Call sheets printed every day, shot lists written every morning after four hours of eye-lid shivering sleep, images still flashing beneath them. And in the process of making a script into reality, real relationships unfolded, informed, changed the very minutes of fiction appearing before our eyes.

Having written a script that takes place mostly at night, I was thankful that none of crew or cast belonged to any unions, because we were certainly throwing any semblance of sane working hours out the window. It is the sacrifice of student independent films, that’s for sure. Sixteen hour days and three-to-six hour turnarounds left us all relying on red bull and my mother’s coffee to keep us going.

And there was a quite bit that we had to keep going through:

Our first night was rained out. A generator that had been donated to us ended up breaking down (leaving us without power in the street at 1am and forcing us to reschedule and rent another), airplanes made our sound recordists’ lives hell. Three hurricanes threatened us from off-shore. The wiring of the old motels we worked in couldn’t support the 2K lights we were trying to power. Two harvard girls (Becky Cooper and myself), with an iPhone managed to get lost….trying to get to SW 101 St, Miami, and instead ending up at SW 101St, Miramar. About an hour and in a different city from where the location and the rest of the crew were. Police threatened our final day of shooting until our producer appeased them with several cleverly worded and slightly misleading permits.

It was also one of the most thrilling, funny, engaging, chaotic experiences of my life.

Our sound recordists climbed trees to boom scenes. The generator breaking down saved us from a rain storm, after which we were not rained out again. The police happened to pull out JUST as the freight train we had been waiting for (and was already an hour late) arrived. Had the train arrived just five minutes earlier, we would have lost the scene.

On one of the nights, late into production, we were filming the second to last scene. It had been a twelve hour day already, and it was 3:30am. Becky and Andy (playing the two main characters) sit on a park bench next to the train tracks. Becky lifts her eyes and in a perfect, cinematic moment, a tear rolls down her nose in just the right light. My AD and my own insides crumpled, throats closed up. Pause. End Scene. And suddenly an unexpected freight train rushed by, shaking that feeling down to our fingertips, feeling the wind shroud us in awe of our heartbeats. Such a little tear, such beautiful light, such tender stillness, such sincere feeling, such a rattling whoosh of visceral moments.

The entire crew gathered for our wrap party, and the mother of one of the members of the crew joined us. She works for a social program that takes care of foster children. The conversation turned to the problem Miami is currently facing because of its sex-offender zoning laws which has every paroled sex-offender living under the causeway bridge between Miami Beach and the mainland. Her tone rose in disgust, “I have no sympathy for pedophiles.”

The crew fell silent for a moment. It was not that one could argue. Nor that one should. But it was a silence that bore the weight of itself. It turned over in our minds, first that no one’s vehemence rose to agree. Then, with some surprise, we realised that our vehemence had not risen to agree.

For eleven days, we had been wrapped up in the hours and labor of making a film without seeing that it might affect us. And suddenly, the silence arrived to alert us to the fact that it just might have. A story about a man labeled and trapped by his mistakes, caught in the minds of good people as not worth their sympathy. A so-called “pedophile”. Yes, fictional. But that wasn’t the point. The point was the possibility that those labels might not be true, or even if true, that it might be more complicated than any word could possibly describe, or sentence a person to, in one breath.

This is why I make films."

Lily Erlinger

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Peter glanz helms first borscht film

Velvet the first of the cccv stories lensed today in the design district


David Frankel, a board member of Miami World Cinema Center made a special trip to our office to give the Borscht Filmmakers some advice before they went into principal photography.

Big screen evolves to compete with small


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MWCC After Dark #3 - Would you like some Bawls?

Spencer Morin brings us another episode in the "MWCC After Dark" series. This time jedi master Yoda is teaching the way of....Bawls.

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MWCC Production Newsletter 9/9/09

MWCC is excited to announce our first productions for August. We're looking for all levels of experience in different positions. We want you on set, we want you part of the team. Send your info and let's make it happen. Below are three productions and more to come!

"Jesse's Tracks" - Independent Short

"Jesse’s Tracks" is the story of two people that find friendship in their shared experience of alienation, albeit for very different reasons. As the boundaries of affection and attraction are blurred, a mire of moral ambiguity and human emotion becomes difficult to navigate for both forty-seven year old bachelor, Scott Larson, and fifteen-year old deaf runaway, Jesse Singer.

Production Dates: Friday, August, 14, 2009 - Monday, August 24, 2009
Positions: Production Assistants, Interns (non-paying)
Whether you've been on a set or thinking this will be your first time, the production is looking for dedicated individuals of varying experience to assist on set. Email with resumes.

"Velvet" - Borscht Film Festival Selected Short

Set in the Design District, "Velvet" is the story of the dissolution of a relationship between a photographer and his model/muse girlfriend.

Production Dates: Friday, August 28 & Saturday, August 29
Positions: All non-paying except where stated.
Production Sound Mixer
Boom Operator Gaffer (**Paid**)
2nd AC/Card Loader (for Red)
Best Boy
Key Grip/Truck Driver

PAs/Interns (All levels of experience apply)

Please send inquiries and resumes to Andrew at

"Holy Cross" - Feature Documentary

"Holy Cross" follows the dramatic events at a private Miami high school through the perspective of the students and teachers from the school.
Production Dates: To start immediately
Positions: Assistant/Intern
Non paying position with flexible hours to assist in the production of this documentary. Responsibilities include research, transcribing interviews, logging footage, scheduling interviews, assisting the filming of interviews. All interested filmmakers apply. All levels of experience welcome. For more information, send inquires and resumes to Melanie at

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MWCC After Dark #2 - Delorean Vs. Shark

The next episode in Spencer Morin's "MWCC After Dark" series: "Delorean Vs. Shark"

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2009 Borscht Film Festival Promo

Here is the official 2009 Borscht Film Festival promo with interviews from the six selected filmmakers as part of the CCCV Stories section. This video premiered Thursday, July 30 at our fundraiser at the Wynwood Social Club. Check out for more. The fest takes place November 28th only in Miami.

Borscht Film Festival Promo from Miami World on Vimeo.


Thanks to easyrig for donating the turtle x strong for jessies tracks
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MWCC Animation on the job

They work at night...
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Miami State of the Arts

Town hall meeting at Miami Science Museum
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MWCC Animation

We've launched the MWCC Animation department led by Spencer Morin. Born and raised in the county of Dade, our local filmmaker and animator, Spencer, usually works late in the office. When he told us that the office likes to "let loose" during the off hours, we thought he just needed some sleep, but then he filmed the evidence.

Website Down But BLOG UP

Don't worry, we know, the website is down. Technical difficulties. We're working to get it back up and running as soon as possible. So for now keep checking the blog. Despite this problem we at MWCC love technology...always and forever.

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Borscht Fundraiser

Thanks to all our guests and sponsors who came to our Borscht Film Festival Fundraiser at The Wynwood Social Club